Situated in the heart of Old Town Winchester, Virginia, THE FORT, a landmark building occupying the former site of George Washington’s Fort Loudoun, is undergoing its latest exciting transformation.  Originally an Oyster House in the early 19th century, later, the Catherine Glass Girl’s Seminary in the late 19th century, and finally, in the 20th century, Fort Loudoun Apartment building; the structure is currently being restored and converted into luxury condominium units.  The end result will be ten unique units that blend the charm and character of yesterday with state of the art conveniences of modern living.  This quiet retreat in heart of the city, will offer on-site parking and garages, gardens for strolling and entertaining, as well as easy walkability to the downtown and Old Town Pedestrian Mall.  Step back into history.  Step forward…a vibrant new life awaits at THE FORT.

Old Town Winchester


Walkable communities are desirable places to live, eat, work, learn, play, and worship.  They provide goods and services that a resident needs and desires on a regular basis, while at the same time encouraging a more direct connection to that community.  Benefits include greater social interaction within the community, increased activity on the streets, lowered transportation costs and environmental impact, and improved personal health and feelings of well-being.


Winchester, Virginia, is a small town with a big history.  Settlement began c. 1729 and the city later played a role in the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  Presently home to the annual Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, and known for its beautiful downtown and countless historic sites, it has been repeatedly recognized as a “Virginia Main Street” community, valued for it’s down home hospitality, locally-owned businesses, small town heritage events and unique outdoor attractions.  It was also listed by US World & Today, as one of the top cities to retire in.  The historic Old Town and Loudoun Street Pedestrian Mall, hums with life throughout the year, as people enjoy a unique mix of restaurants, bars, breweries, art, architecture, music, local shopping and friendly folks. It is also is the home to a bustling farmer’s market at the Taylor Pavilion, children’s splash pad, and numerous festivals and musical venues, all within easy walking distance of THE FORT.

Farmer’s Market