THE FORT has held a significant presence in Winchester VA’s history since its construction began in in May of 1756.    We cannot wait to unveil all the beautiful restoration work that has taken place this summer to our followers!

Did you know that per Mt. Vernon’s website George Washinton spent more nights in Winchester VA than any other place in our country besides his home in Mt. Vernon?

Winchester was originally called “Frederick Town” at its founding in the 1730s.

George Washington first visited Winchester on March 16, 1748.   He was hanging out with another famous George-  George William Fairfax on a surveying party.   At this time Winchester was very tiny.  A small village that just had a church, jail, courthouse, and 60 roughly constructed homes.

Courtesy of Pixabay-VIa the New York Public Library


The Georges surveyed the Shenandoah Valley between November 1749 and May 1752.  Washington’s expertise in the area lead to his being commissioned Lieutenant Colonel of the Virginia Regiment and deciding to use Winchester VA has his head quarters.

Fort Loudoun was built on a rise north of town between May 1756 and September 1757. George made THE FORT his home in December 1756 and remained there until he left Winchester permanently in December 1758.

Resource:  Winchester VA