Exciting news!   THE FORT is moving into its next phase of renovations, and the historical renovation team is very excited to see all their hard work coming to life inside the property.

We are pleased to announce that after many months of intensive framing and repair, Fort Loudoun Condominiums have entered drywall stage. This is a milestone that builders look forward to, especially in historic projects where the challenges of restoration dictate the schedule in the early stages. We’d like to recognize the dedicated work ethic and spirit of our carpenters and tradesman who have overcome numerous technical challenges to breathe life back into this historic building, insuring its survival for generations to come. While the framers finish up the last punch out items, our restoration carpenters have shifted their focus to window repair and installation.  We are  looking forward to delivering a number of completed units in 2017.  – Urban Developement Partners LLC

Progress at THE FORT will continue to pick up speed at this phase in the restoration.  Make sure that you are following us on Facebook and Subscribe to our Blog so that you do not miss any milestone updates about this unique project.